2020 Community Plan Input Form

The City of Kamloops are embarking on the rewrite of the North Shore Community Plan.

The process will include public consultation opportunities, as well as a set of key stakeholder meetings designed to gather community input into the process. In support of this, the NSBIA produced a 2019 Community Planning report for our commercial corridors, which we published and shared with the city in the fall of 2019. See a copy of that report here.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of our current broad brushstroke community needs, we have complied the following survey.

Please complete all five sections of the Survey, so we can add your voice to our community plan.

When you click the next page button at the bottom  of each section, you will be automatically directed to the next section. Once you have completed the survey, hit Submit, and a status box at the top of the page will let you know you have successfully completed the survey.