2021 NSBIA Strategic Plan Input Page

NSBIA Strategic Planning Input Form

Please print this form and consider it prior to completing it electronically.

The Deadline for the submission of the form is February 28th.

Section One: Assessment of SWOTs
Please indicate your thoughts on the following four areas:

Strengths things we do well, or those aspects of our community which are helpful to achieving our vision.
Weaknesses Things which we can do better or which challenge our community to move forward.
Opportunities Ideas or things we may not have considered which can assist us in creating a vibrant community.
Threats These are often things beyond our control, which are negative impacts to our goals and actions,

Section Two: Vision.

This is our current Vision Statement:
"The North Shore Business Improvement Association is a leader in creating a diverse and vibrant North Shore Community. "

Please indicate below if you feel that this vision statement is appropriate to your long term vision for the North Shore Commercial zones, and if not, indicate what you feel is missing from the statement.

please add your ideas to add or change in the Vision statement here.
In 5 years from now, what do you think the NS Business community should look like? Include; what is missing... provide as descriptive an overview as posible.

Section Three: Mission

(what we do to achieve our Vision)

Our current Mission Statement is: "The North Shore Business Improvement Association works with our partners to promote and develop relationships for the betterment of the community."

Please indicate below if you feel that this Mission Statement is appropriate to your long term Vision for the North Shore Commercial zones, and if not please complete the input section.

please add your ideas to add or change in the Mission statement here.

Section Four: Services Guidance

(Tasks that are operationally undertaken to achieve the Mission and Vision for the Organization)

Currently we provide the following services to our Members:

Member Events - gathering members together in order to strengthen relationships, create opportunities for partnerships, and to raise awareness of member to member opportunities.

Public Events - Public events that provide opportunities for business to showcase their products or services to the general public and serve to build positive community culture. these events include street events, and busker entertainment.

Beautification Services - coordination, design and partial economic support for the mural program, graffiti removal funding and coordination, trash removal contracts with social agencies. advocacy and grant applications for the improvement of infrastructure and street-scapes, with the city and province.

Marketing - we currently provide social-media marketing, newsletter marketing, radio marketing and marketing advice to members, in order to promote our member businesses, and create the opportunity for them to maximize the impact of their own marketing initiatives.

Advocacy - acting on members behalf with city services to ensure that our members needs and outcomes are appropriately and effectively considered when applying to City of Kamloops departments.

Safety Advocacy - acting on members behalf with social and enforcement agencies to ensure safe streets and effectively managed social services are front of mind for agencies and departments who may deliver those services.

Vision and Planning Supports - collecting and presenting information and data, advocating for our members needs, that of our community and advocating with local agencies, developers and those who may wish to enter our community to further advance our goals of economic development and revitalization.

Section Five

Services Priority Ranking
Please rank the following seven services in order of priority, using one as most important and seven as the lowest. use each number only once.

Section Six

Four Pillars of Measurement (KPI's)
These are the four pillars we use to define how we deliver our services, considerations, and the measures we use to indicate our success.
Please review each of these Pillars, and provide your feedback on our Measures for each.

Working to Revitalize The North Shore in regards to:

Business and market health Measured by: developments underway or in planning, community safety initiatives
Infrastructure, Beautification
Measured by: Number of positive projects each year, murals, new developments (redevelopments), image and brand build, funded projects to supplemental budget that are approved.
Brand (BIA and Area)
Measured by: increase in perception of the NSBIA as a credible organization as shown through annual survey results (year over year)
Advocacy (in all)
Measured by: positive relationships with stakeholders that result in perception of effective representation. Annual stakeholders survey.

Suggestions to Improve this pillar's measures or outcomes

To exercise trust, respect and integrity with:


Measured by: touch points, # of events, attendance at events, visits.

Key stakeholders
Measured by: meeting with other organizations, benchmark on how many engagements by organization, engagement and effectiveness.


Measured by: number of touch points with community and community groups, response from Community on surveys, stakeholder surveys.

Board to Board
measured by: Attendance at events, meetings, responsiveness to ED requests, Board to Board meetings, annual review of Strategic Plan.

Suggestions to Improve this pillar's measures or outcomes


To communicate openly and transparently with partners and stakeholders to gain a greater insight of the value of the North Shore through:

Promoting the North Shore
Measured by: touch-points, survey results, tone of media, media promotion.

Community and member centric events
Measured by: number of attendees, event survey results, earned Media coverage (above advertising).

Working with community, stakeholders, and others

Measured by: touch point and survey results.

To be the conduit of information.

Measured by: newsletter reads (open rates), click through, office engagement.

Suggestions to Improve this pillar's measures or outcomes


Working with our community to embrace:

Community Safety
Measured by: Community Policing benchmarks and reports, CAP team reports, interactions and advocacy with committees.
Social Responsibility
Measured by: Stakeholder Survey, Community Agency supports (number of people, programs.
Neighbourhood image
Measured by: member value discussions, public responses, staff and community visit tracking
Culture (Diverse, Niche, Artistic)
Measured by: 5-year destination measure – have we achieved the unique neighbourhood goal? Is there more development? Artsy, craftly, boutique style.

Suggestions to Improve this pillar's measures or outcomes