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Hiring for Success – Part Three

It is not up to you to guess or read between the lines; It is up to the candidate to prove why you should hire them.” Jeremy Heighton   Building on an understanding of the costs of turnover, and considering the composition of a great ad, its time to move to the process of hiring. […]

Hiring for Success – Part One

Many of us that grew up in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, grew up in an era where our parents believed that hard work was the definition of success. My father spent weeks away from home, on the road, as a high level sales rep for an international firm. I would sit in awe listening […]

Hiring for Success – Part Two

Following last week’s newsletter, in which I started the conversation on Hiring for Success, I got a few inquiries regarding how to calculate cost of turnover. Therefore, I thought I would start this week, with a bit more information about that.   While turnover costs can be a complex formula for some organizations, it can […]