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Leadership Within – Degrees of Influence

When I discuss brand, I almost always ask the question:   What do people say about (your business), when you are not in the room?   The answer to this question is the result of everything you do within and outside of your business. It is influenced by your advertising efforts (which bring people in […]

Networking is scary

The other day, I was having a meeting with someone at Mustache and Go, the new coffee shop on the Shore. As we were chatting away, it ended up being one of those days when person after person who came in, was someone I know. The person who I was with, to her credit, sat […]

Customer Service – Going Beyond

Recently, I went to breakfast at a smaller café in my city. It seated about forty. When I arrived, there was only one waitress on duty. She was trying her hardest but couldn’t keep up with the flow of customers. Orders took 15 – 20 minutes to take, tables were not cleared for new customers, […]