Category: Social Issues

BC Decriminalization and the Portugal Model

Please note this is an opinion piece and is not a comprehensive review of the systems in question. As of January 31st, the Province of BC have decriminalized drugs for personal use, in quantities below 2.5 grams. This decriminalization is limited to some key drugs: Opiods, Cocaine (powder and crack), Methamphetamine and MDMA. This change […]

Why we are , Where we are..

*please note that these thoughts are the personal opinions of Jeremy Heighton, and  do not necessarily represent the thoughts of the NSBIA or our Board of Directors. Why we are, Where we are: My personal thoughts on the state of Social and Criminal accountability in Canada. In our recent work to advocate for greater levels […]

The Cart of the Matter

For many years, the homeless in our community and others have used Shopping Carts to store, transport and hold their personal effects. Recently, I have been privy to a number of discussions regarding a renewed push to recover Carts for local businesses, from whom they were taken.This is not a new conversation, in fact over […]

Broken Windows, Broken Dreams

A few decades ago in New York, a project was started whereby Subway cars were repainted within 24 hours of being tagged with graffiti. the theory was, if you continually repaint the canvas, eventually, the artists will tire of trying to get their tags out there.   The premise is called the broken window philosophy. […]