Executive Director Performance Evaluation Page

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Please indicate your perception of each of the following core competencies and measures.

Please note descriptions for each rating area are below the selection box.

The scale is:

  • 0 for not applicable
  • 1 = Doesn’t Meet Expectation
  • 2 = Inconsistently Meets Expectation
  • 3 = Meets Expectation
  • 4 = Often Exceeds Expectation
  • 5 = Consistently Exceeds Expectation
Doesn't meet ExpectationInconsistently Meets ExpectationMeets ExpectationOften Exceeds ExpectationConsistently Exceeds ExpectationN/A
Advises the Board, in a timely manner, of issues or situations that empower them to make effective and timely decisions, as shown by regular reporting and updates to the Board.
Serves as the organization liaison in community as illustrated by number of events attended.
Promotes and maintains a high-performing organizational culture that fosters passion for the mission, teamwork and a shared purpose of the organization.
Completes an annual staff performance management program with results tied to compensation.
Operates in a manner that avoids situation of actual or perceived conflict of interest.
Doesn't Meet ExpectationInconsistently Meets ExpectationMeets ExpectationOften Exceeds ExpectationConsistently Exceeds ExpectationN/A
Maintain a reasonable overall operational cost of operating annually, as determined through board review of financial reports.
Manage financial obligations in a manner which meets best practices, evidenced by up to date remittances, vendor payments and real time accounting reports to the Board.
Refer all contracts over $3,500.00 for review and approval by the Board, including (where possible) three quotes, and decision rationale.
Follow all acts, guidelines and legislation related to operating a non-profit organization as defined by Provincial (BC Societies Act), or Federal (CRA) regulations.
Manage discretionary and staff expenses in a way that minimizes both cost and risk to the organization, ensuring that expenses meet the test of reasonableness.
Create, monitor and manage contracts to ensure that services are offered to the BIA at a reasonable market value, while providing the highest level of return on investment.
Present the next annual operating budget to the Board for consideration no later than the 15th of November of the current Fiscal year.
Provide the City of Kamloops annual Budget/Internal financial statements in February of each year.
Doesn't Meet ExpectationInconsistenty Meets ExpectationMeets ExpectationOften Exceeds ExpectationConsistently Exceeds ExpectationN/A
Undertakes an annual planning process which feeds into the Board’s Strategic Plan including measure and targets
Oversees the financial management of the organization, including the productivity of contract staff, to ensure that industry standard practices are met.
Oversee the coordination of all events, pursuing a net positive bottom line while creating a greater sense of service to community, and achieving a positive approval rating by participants.
Create Operational, Marketing, Staffing, and Event Plans each year that support the annual budgeting process
Doesn't Meet ExpectationInconsistently Meets ExpectationMeets ExpectationOften Exceeds ExpectationConistently Exceeds ExpectationN/A
Effectively builds the core brand of the NSBIA as a credible and trustworthy business and leadership organization as illustrated by partner surveys, member engagement and surveys, and is successful in media and project targets.
Effectively builds the marketing brand of the North Shore (The Shore) in a way that builds sales and traffic momentum for our members, as well as portraying the desirability of our corridors to the public.
Speaks on behalf of the organization in a manner that enhances credibility, addresses concerns in a productive manner and accomplishes a growth in the strength of our organization’s relationships with our partner organizations.
Works actively with membership to build community engagement and further develop member involvement in meetings, networking and projects.
Maintenance and growth of positive Media and Community stakeholder brand impression, as evidenced by a net positive level of Brand coverage by media streams including newsletters and online presence (readership, comments, and earned content).
Doesn't Meet ExpectationInconsistently Meets ExpectationMeets ExpectationOften Exceeds ExpectationConsistently Exceeds ExpectationN/A
Works with Board and Committees to develop annual Board Planning Calendar, distributing it to the Board at least 30 days prior to the close of the current Fiscal Year.
Creates and distributes the Consent Agenda package at least 7 days prior to meeting dates, including: ED report, Current Financial Statements (YTD, Monthly and Cash Flows).
Coordinates Committee and task force meetings on behalf of the Board, ensuring that minutes are recorded and distributed.
Report quarterly on the Board Strategic Plan resultants as evidenced by Operational plan performance indicators using a measurable dashboard which ties operations to strategy.
Annually leads the development and execution of Operational plans that include specific performance measures.
Adheres to all prescribed Policies as adopted by the Board, in the key organizational performance areas of Financial Management, Human Resources, Brand Maintenance and Development and Operational Systems efficiencies.
Annually organizes and executes the Annual General Meeting on behalf of the board, that results in stakeholder engagement as measured by attendance.
Doesn't Meet ExpectationInconsistently Meets ExpectationMeets ExpectationOften Exceeds ExpectationConsistently Exceeds ExpectationN/A
Ensures integrity and strength of Board Leadership by assisting to recruit for capacity, using the approved metric, and addressing issues around clarity of Governance, Bylaws/Policies, Structure and Membership
The Executive Director complies with all pertinent agreements, legislation, policies and laws, operating the organization in an ethical and morally appropriate manner.
The Executive Director shall notify the Board and or/ shield the organization by acting on any information, practice or situation which may jeopardize the organization
Works closely with community and civic leadership to understand needs, develop strong partnerships and create a collaborative relationship as shown by levels of support for or engagement in events and long-term planning, or projects.
Ensures allocation of and maintenance of both the operating and reserve accounts as defined in policy, maintaining sufficient operating funds to ensure uninterrupted function of the organization.