Impacts 2023 – Results Page


This annual survey measures impacts from criminality and social disruptions on your business. Your input is critical to our advocacy work at all levels of government. The results of this years survey were presented in a public Meeting, November 15th, 2023

This page contains the files form that session as well as a high level overview of the Presentation.

approximately 100 business leaders, owner, and community representatives attended the November 5th session, the focus of which was to present the data that the survey revealed, as well as highlight work being done in our community to address some of these concerns. 

The survey presentation was divided into 5 sections:

Section One: About the Respondents – this is a high level overview of who and where respondents are in the city.

Section Two: Business Impact and Costs – this is a look at the issues faced by respondents,, as well as the costs associated with shrinkage/criminality, as well as address perceptions regarding whether the situation is getting better or worse.

Section Three: Business Response Actions and Costs  – this section looks at actions taken by businesses and the costs associated with those actions.

Section Four: Response Agency Assessments – this section looks at the perception of the respondents regarding our response agencies and government when it comes to criminality and social issues. 

Section Five: Solutions – this section looks at actions being taken by the business community through the BIAS and Chamber to address those issues within our span of authority.

Presentation Deck (PDF)

Full Report with Data Tables (PDF)

Flat Sheet (Graphics from the report (PDF)

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