Business Safety Resources

This page hosts resources and links for Businesses on the Shore.

Video Surveillance Guidelines

Some business owners consider the installation of video recording systems for enhanced security needs. This document outlines what you should think about before you move to a video or audio surveillance system.(Video Surveillance Guidelines – 2019)

Sharps Issues

If you find a discarded needle(s) or other drug-related materials in the downtown core or the North Shore, call the CAP team at 250-572-3009. Service for the North Shore CAP is available Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm, from May 23 to September 30. This service is limited to Business Corridors.

On days or times when CAP is not able to respond, or for surrounding neighbourhoods, please phone or text ASK Wellness at: 778-257-1292 or email 

Interior Health, The City Of Kamloops, both BIAs and community partners are all working to minimize the impacts of sharps in our communities. Resources are available for Business and Community leaders to act, to raise awareness and to reach out as required.

Toolkit for Safe Sharps Disposal – IHA  PDF

Sharps Disposal Fact Sheet – PDF


Graffiti on public property can be resolved by the Graffiti Task Force. The task force can also cover graffiti on private property for a very reasonable fee. Find more information through this link.

CAP Team North Shore

The CAP team patrols four areas of the Shore:

  1. Tranquille South of the Chartwell residence
  2. Tranquille through eighth street north to soccer Quest
  3. 12th street light industrial area
  4. Brock shop

Most of the day will be spent in the highest incident areas of lower Tranquille with patrols rotating through the remaining three areas. If you have any questions, please contact

Violent Issues

Please call the RCMP at 911 for violent issues which pose potential risk to human safety or have the potential to damage property. For non-emergency issues, to provide information, or to request the police when immediate safety is not a concern, please call 250.828.3000.

RCMP Business Resources

Kamloops RCMP provide business awareness and education tools through the Community Policing Service. Find out more by visiting this page.. (click here)

Call Out List for Issues

RCMP: Non-Emergency Criminal Behavior.250.828.3000
By-Law: Non-Emergency By-Law Infractions.250.828.3409
Street Outreach: ASK Wellness Society
Working with community to address social concerns related to homelessness. Connecting street entrenched persons to housing and health services.

SHOP Outreach: ASK Wellness Society
Working with community to address social concerns related to Sex Work. Connecting vulnerable women to health and housing options.
Youth Outreach: Interior Community Services
Connecting street entrenched youth to age appropriate services and resources.
Overdose Prevention: ASK Wellness Society
Harm reduction equipment,
Needle pick up, Access to Naloxone Kits.
Overdose Prevention: Interior Health Authority
CAP Team
Customer care and patrol.
The Shore 250.572.3017
KCBIA 250.572.3008(9)
Kamloops Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention and Education.

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