Muralist Directory

This table was compiled for the purposes of businesses/community wanting to engage with local Mural Artists.

The list implies no endorsement and is for informational use only.

Murals would need to be negotiated with Muralists directly. The NSBIA will be able to assist in the navigation of the Mural Bylaw, to ensure that any mural is correctly approved and installed, per the City of Kamloops Bylaw. For more details see below..

Muralist NameContact InformationPortfolio Links
Jennillee Fraser Phone: 250.572.2498
Kylene CachelinEmail: kcachelin@gmail.comInstagram: @illuskytor
Brittney MartensPhone: 250.570.2442
Portfolio: not provided
Zac Abney Phone: 250.299.8462
Email: or visit:
Kelly WrightEmail: artistkellywright@gmail.comInstagram: @ArtistKGW
Facebook: Kelly Wright Art
Chris Bose''Portfolio: not provided
Stace DeWolfPhone: 250 852 9985
Instagram @w_o_l_f_m_a_n
Facebook wolfmanoriginals
Ginger EbbettPhone: 604 751 6984contact for images, or visit:
Laura PassarelloE-mail:
The Process Explained:
A few years a go, a mural appeared on the side of a building for the Pool Mart on Tranquille Road. No one knew the Mural was going up, and there was no consultation with the neighborhood about it. The Mural was similar to the Kilroy was here graphic, only with a woman’s face peeking over marketing text.
At the time there was quite a bit of discussion about the Mural and how it fit within the community.
A policy was developed by the city (Graffiti Bylaw 25-5) in which key definitions were laid out. For the purposes of this article, these are two key definitions:
“MURAL” means any painting, drawing, sketching, or other marking that is
inscribed, painted, or otherwise applied directly upon any building, structure, wall, fence, or any other surface, and that does not include any advertising content or logo.
“PRIVATE MURAL” means Murals which are financed without public funds and which are or will be placed on private property.
As a business owner or property owner the first question is: can this image be seen by the public. if so, then one of two conditions must be considered:
A person wishing to apply a Mural to any surface that is visible from a Public Place anywhere within the boundaries of the City of Kamloops must apply for approval as follows: (a) in the case of Public Murals, approval must be obtained from the Kamloops Arts Commission; and (b) in the case of Private Murals, approval must be obtained from Council.
The process is not too onerous if you are doing your own mural. You simply apply with the particulars, using the City’s form (see link at end of article). Once approved, you hire your muralist, and pay the bills.
If you are doing a mural in concert with NSBIA, then there are some advantages and challenges:
  • We need to coordinate efforts, especially if more than one Mural is going up,
  • if applying for funding to cover some costs, such as a Job Creation Program, it can take a bit longer, but it can also underwrite a large portion of the Mural as Labour is the largest cost. (we are working on one right now where labour could cost over 10K)
  • The Mural should be in alignment with the direction we wish to take the community and meet some core requirements (Artistic Merit, Appropriateness of Material, Qualification of lead artist).
  • we can Shepard your application through the approvals process.
  • We can work with a Job Creation Partnership to underwrite some costs for the Mural, and perhaps assist from BIA funds too.
  • We can line you up with high quality muralists.
  • We have the connections to ensure hiccups can me minimized.
What is required:
ALL Murals within the City of Kamloops MUST be approved, prior to installation. This step ensures that the image you put up is not deemed Graffiti, and subject to the following: (Bylaw 25-5, Section 4.1-4.3):
4.1 No person shall place graffiti on a building, structure, wall, fence, or any other surface that is visible from a public place. Every person who violates this section may be served with a violation notice and shall be required to pay a fine of a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $2,000.
4.2 No owner or occupant of real property shall permit graffiti to be placed on a building, structure, wall, fence, or any other surface located on that real property, if such graffiti is visible from a public place.
4.3 Every owner or occupier of real property must cover or remove from that real property any graffiti present on a building, structure, wall, fence, or any other surface that is visible from a public place.
Mural applications are typically reviewed by the Kamloops Arts Commission between February and June, while private submissions can go before Council (who make decisions on private murals) at any time.
For more information or to view the Bylaw and application package visit:
Murals will continue to be a powerfully expressive way of representing our values and artistic works to our community, it just takes a few minutes to make sure that there are no unforeseen issues.