Our Plan

The BIA works with our partners in community, government and peer associations to enhance the vibrancy of the North Shore. Our ultimate outcome is a vibrant business community, which we believe is achieved by engaging and supporting our surrounding neighbourhooods. Also, we understand that whatever actions we take on the North Shore, affects the whole city. This is why we work so closely with other business organizations to promote the Shore and Kamloops as a whole.

VISIONThe North Shore Business Improvement Association is the primary leader in creating a diverse and vibrant North Shore business community.
MISSIONThe North Shore Business Improvement Association works to promote and develop relationships and to drive progress for our business community.
CORE VALUESWe Engage - we build relationships
We Revitalize – we pursue improvement
We are Progressive – we find new ways to solve challenges
We take Action – we get stuff done
Areas of Focus
Bring the People Focus on:
- Events
- Marketing
- Beautification
Build the StuffFocus on:
- Quality Buildings
- Collaborative Partnerships
- Advocacy
- Simplifying red tape
Make it AwesomeFocus On:
- Creating a Walkable Community
- Identifying Needs
- Advocacy for Community Wellness
Focus - Bring the People Events and Attraction
Primary Strategic Goal
Create opportunities for new and increased business participation, and for members through events.
Goal 1Understand the value of member and other meetings by measuring attendance, understanding mix of attendees, and reporting these to the Board QuarterlyKeep track of all attendees and assess participant mix at each Member Mixer, Committee Meeting or other meeting we host.Meeting attendance,
Meeting Types: Networking, Advocacy, Events
Report outcomes of Meetings monthly
Goal 2Adopt one new strategic partnership event each year (if possible) and support or host this event.Marketing to canvas partners for event options, assess feasibility of partnering.Identify new event / partnership
Provide report on event annually to Board.
Goal 3Lead or participate in two larger events each fiscal year.
Events include: Overlanders Day, Tapestry and possible additional per above goal.
Events to lead an Events Committee and coordinate all event planning and execution activities.
Design an Event Review process and protocol
Report on events: budget, planning growth and execution as well as lessons learned.
Goal 4Increase total amount of vendors participating in our events to maximum possible capacity, based on location capacity. Events to assess capacity for event spaces, working with KFR, Parks and others to assess options. In event report, identify and report vendor growth each year.
Goal 5Attract 30% of vendors to our events that are not from the North Shore. Use these vendors as an opportunity to promote setting up business on the North Shore.Events to put out calls to vendors from across the city, understanding North Shore is our priority as this is who we represent.
Events to lead the design of a non-member attraction package citing benefits of locating on the North Shore.
Track how many of these packages are distributed each year, and any relocations that occur because of this.
Focus - Bring the People Marketing
Primary Strategic GoalGrow marketing streams and traction through targeted and strategic actions which yields increased reach.
Goal 1Achieve 5% growth on all utilized Media streams or toolsMarketing to track monthly media stream statisticsReport Baseline statistics and Increases, each year.
Goal 2Continue to amplify/promote businesses through marketing, members profiles and other strategies that create strong brand value for the North Shore and our Members respecting the 5% growth goal.Post 24 member highlights or profiles each year.
Post 12 member business profiles, highlighting member business positives.
Provide copies of these posts in the ED summary.
Goal 3Maximize our marketing partnerships by participating in 1 new marketing leveraged campaign – such as Tourism Kamloops in order to attract brand value or sales.Develop a QR code or other tracking metric (landing pages etc.) that can be used in media campaigns to demonstrate traction, report these stats monthlyWithin campaign or event reports, report on QR code traction.
Goal 4Find one new marketing tactic (process, stream, tool) each year that attracts people to the North Shore and implement and assess value of this tool annually.Marketing to assess new media stream options and identify whether the stream warrants test campaigns based on demographic and member feedback.Identify streams (Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Other)
Focus - Bring the People Beautification
Primary Strategic GoalTo achieve revitalization and beautification projects which promote the environmental conditions necessary to realize long-term increases in foot traffic and shoppers to North Shore Businesses.
Goal 1Work with City of Kamloops leadership and our community to complete an implementation plan that fulfills the 10-year revitalization of the Tranquille Corridor.Meet with leadership to create plan.
Define outcomes and metrics for success.
Schedule regular follow ups to monitor plan execution.
Report on the plan to the Board including milestones and key outcomes, as well as any advances or challenges experienced in the process.
Goal 2Implement and execute at least one round of the NS Public Realm Improvement Fund each year.Establish Fund Terms of Reference.
Define Priorities for the NSBIA, City and Community.
Post Request for proposals by November 30th of each year to advance project plans for the following year. (Variation in year one)
Call an adjudication committee meeting, assess applications and Award funding.
Monitor project execution.
Report on the fund to the Board each quarter including milestones and key outcomes, as well as any advances or challenges experienced in the process.
Goal 3Work toward the completion of research and innovation grant for the clean team program, with the goal of handing off to a social enterprise.Create the proposal.
Meet with provincial government to discuss proposal.
If awarded, negotiate contracts, and align partners.
Hire staff and recruit participants.
Execute project plan.
Monitor results and change operations to match recommendations.
Meet with partners on a regular basis to discuss issues. Successes and challenges.
Compile a quarterly report on actions and project outcomes.
Communicate with partners each quarter on progress.
Report of the progress of the R&I submitted grant, finalize all plans and execute the program annually, reporting on financial, operational, as well as anecdotal gains made through the program.
Year three: Handoff plan is finalized and occurs, if practical.
Focus - Build the StuffQuality Buildings
Primary Strategic Goal
Ensure the work we undertake, meetings we attend, and relationships we build result in a higher quality of existing or new build opportunities while streamlining and identifying efficiencies that increase responsiveness by government for North Shore Business and Property Owners.
Goal 1We work to attract and ensure developers build quality buildings which create greater economic strength and vibrancy in the North Shore, including attracting new developments and densifying our existing properties.ED searches for developers to discuss long term vision, creating opportunity to achieve redevelopment.
ED to build regular communication meetings with the development community to assess and explore redevelopment opportunities.
Build a commercial property visual database, including before and after imagery for each lot.
We track and report annually on:
New developments started each year
OCP – NS plan
Meetings attended (face of the brand) and any outcomes.
Increased development (year over year increase in applications) report from City.
Goal 2We work with property and business owners to improve the quality of commercial stock available in the North Shore by revitalizing existing buildings.ED to invite Developers and property owners to a spring 2023 Developers’ meeting to discuss long term strategies and plans for the area.
ED to work with City of Kamloops to formalize incentives and options to promote and stimulate development and redevelopment.
Work to develop programs or tactics that promote revitalization, and report annually on these opportunities.
Opportunities for revitalization projects, our roles in any of these opportunities, and outcomes that were realized.
Goal 3As a results of our strong advocacy for our members, we realize a shortening of development timelines (application, permit and execution). Additionally, issues that currently exist within Business licensing are resolved in a reasonable timeframe.Facilitate meetings with City of Kamloops Planning teams to explore and expedite application timelines.
Meet with and advocate to City Licensing to address outstanding issues regularly.
Track meetings and proposed outcomes, replying to the Board annually on systems improvements, gains and remaining issues.
Goal 4As a result of our advocacy, Municipal partners are aware of our concerns and actions and work closely with us to advance revitalization or sale of derelict properties which are impeding our work in the area.Identify properties which are considered to be derelict, based on Good Neighbour bylaw.
Write letters to these property owners and CC the city for potential action regarding derelict status. Also, include incentivization for redevelopment (RTE) and encourage action on the property.
Number of actions taken, results if any, meetings, and outcomes?
Number of conflicts avoided by being at the table.
Focus - Make it AwesomeCommunity Offerings
Primary Strategic GoalWorking with our partners, we have a commercial neighbourhood which draws people in, provides positive environments for them to stay, and we realize the conditions necessary to have achieved the tenants of a vibrant community: Safety, cultural strength, community vibrancy and positive activities.
Goal 1Have a community where people who live here don’t need to go anywhere else to access the businesses or services they require.Prepare an annual survey of needs based on residential asks.
Track number of business types which meet those needs.
Recruit business types where needs are unmet.
Conduct an annual survey, and report on the community needs analysis for commercial developments, sharing these results with the Board and economic development partners.
Goal 2Achieve an annual occupancy rate for commercial properties which increases each year (capacity dependent), starting with a benchmark level in 2024.Design a commercial property inventory system which identifies vacancies, new tenancies and new spaces.
Design a system with realtors, to identify, promote and market vacant spaces and attract businesses to the North Shore, including recruitment through strategies identified under event vendor growth.
Develop a dataset and report on levels of Commercial occupancy and new development realized over the next 5 years, monthly.
Goal 3Take strong and proactive action aimed toward achieving a public sense of community safety on the North Shore which rises each year, within our span of control and influence.ED to continue attending community safety focused committee meetings advocating on behalf of the NSBIA and its members to realize services that operate within our ten criteria and provide strong community interface management.
Work closely with RCMP and Community Services Officers to develop the CSO/Outreach and call response actions which shift the perception of community safety on the North Shore in a more positive light.
Annually survey members: “Impacts xxxx” (in partnership where possible) to understand impacts and solutions that are required to advance our work on this file.
Report to the Board from our community safety committee, and within the ED summary, actions which highlight actions, meetings held or attended, results achieved, and crime stats to illustrate actual systemic impacts or improvements.
Goal 4Work closely with Media Partners to reduce the number of Media articles on crime and social issues on the North Shore.Proactively use our voice with all media to address best practices, promote positive outcomes and highlight positive work the BIAs are doing, including Clean Team programs and CAP.Report in ED summary, media articles and stories and how we influence their outcomes and content.
Goal 5Create a visual library of images showing before and after results of key areas we wish to revitalize, use these to underscore the positive work we are doing.Create the database and update it regularly as projects are completed, using this source of data to highlight the work on the North Shore
Create an image database and add images regularly until 2029, to illustrate gains made in the scope of this plan.
Share this information with members through the Ed newsletter