Election Time Once More..

You can tell when election season is upon us, social media posts start showing up, polls suddenly appear in your e-mail boxes, and then there is the partisan language that many declared, or yet to declare, candidates start using on a daily basis… “so….. what do you think about…….?”  “Can you believe……?”  Here at the […]

Preparing for Inflationary Pressures

Every Spring I write about your business frontage, setting up your sales floor for success, and reinvigorating your sales potential. We talk about inventory controls, cash flow analysis, hiring, and setting the stage for success.   This year, with the significant challenges to business, it will be even more important to take a hard look […]

Evolution in Leadership

Last week, the Starbucks on the North Shore moved to a new building at 12th and Tranquille. It is a total move of 1 kilometer. The drive takes exactly 4 minutes if you don’t get stopped at the light. Yet, I heard numerous people say: “I’m not driving all the way over there!” This statement […]

Why we are , Where we are..

*please note that these thoughts are the personal opinions of Jeremy Heighton, and  do not necessarily represent the thoughts of the NSBIA or our Board of Directors. Why we are, Where we are: My personal thoughts on the state of Social and Criminal accountability in Canada. In our recent work to advocate for greater levels […]

The Leadership Conundrum

Leadership, at whatever level it takes place, is always about creating and maintaining a positive and trusting partnership with others, in order to develop and/or maintain a high degree of personal influence, which can create or effect positive change. I wrote this leadership definition early on in my career as a leadership trainer, and during […]

Everyone Can Be a Hero

The Masked Avenger rockets across the sky, a flame of yellow fury emanating from his heels. In the nick of time, he swoops to the ground, shields the innocent from the villain and stands defiantly to protect the values of justice. At least that is the way that it plays out in comics, movies, folklore. […]

Advocacy Actions

On July 7th, we wrote to the Government of Canada, as well as provincial and municipal leaders regarding changes we feel are required to improve safety, security and healthy community outcomes.  You can read the letter here: 07072021_Changes_sought You can read the background documents here: Background_package  

How to Read

(with intent and understanding) Now that I have your attention, this article is about how to read; feedback, criticisms, letters, emails, text messages and the like. The truth about communication is that while we may all think we are excellent communicators, a lot gets in the way of open, effective communication. Most of our communication […]

The Seven Important Qualities of Corporate Leaders

Each and every leader has a unique perspective, built upon years of interactions, rewards, concerns and issues. They have most often honed their skills through experience, intuition and strong core behaviours which enhance the natural abilities to communicate and create followership. In the past century hundreds, if not thousands, of books have been written on […]

Making Better Decisions

Every single day, as business owners we are faced with making difficult decisions. In this current environment of a Pandemic, restrictions and closures, PPE, and staffing challenges, combined with reduced revenues, these decisions become even harder to make, with consequences that can have far reaching impacts to your business. It is more important than ever […]