Authentic Leadership

Last Friday I had the great opportunity to attend Leadercast, a one day leadership conference hosted by the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce. As always with a slate of speakers there were the “ok” the “good” and the “great!”   Its always interesting to see who from our community attends these types of sessions, and to […]

Broken Windows, Broken Dreams

A few decades ago in New York, a project was started whereby Subway cars were repainted within 24 hours of being tagged with graffiti. the theory was, if you continually repaint the canvas, eventually, the artists will tire of trying to get their tags out there.   The premise is called the broken window philosophy. […]

Networking is scary

The other day, I was having a meeting with someone at Mustache and Go, the new coffee shop on the Shore. As we were chatting away, it ended up being one of those days when person after person who came in, was someone I know. The person who I was with, to her credit, sat […]

Brand Value IS Price Value

I’m working on a two day workshop program for a local non-profit and recently, when we met to discuss the curriculum, the conversation turned to “Brand Value versus Price Value”.   Brand is a concept we have explored quite often in this column space in recent months. As you know, I think of Brand as […]

What is a BIA / What do we do for you?

The Technical Stuff A BIA is a Business Improvement Association. It is formed under authority of the community charter (sections 210-219, you can read it here). Its primary purpose (defined in section 215 (1)) is: Carrying out studies or developing reports Improving, beautifying or maintaining streets, sidewalks or municipally-owned land, buildings or other structures Removing […]

Personal Brand in a Digital Age

I recently invested some of my very scarce dollars in the purchase of a service that I thought would be really impactful in the long run. The person who sold it to me was well known in the community, seemed to be a community champion, and was generally a bright happy person. When the sales […]

I Quit, and I’m better for it.

Recently, I received a message from a friend. It was a simple message.   “It’s been six months since I quit, and it’s the best thing I ever did!”   My friend was in a high-stress occupation six months ago. During the prior year we had talked many times about what he wanted in his […]

Customer Service – Going Beyond

Recently, I went to breakfast at a smaller café in my city. It seated about forty. When I arrived, there was only one waitress on duty. She was trying her hardest but couldn’t keep up with the flow of customers. Orders took 15 – 20 minutes to take, tables were not cleared for new customers, […]