Property Owners and Managers Database Project

The North Shore BIA is currently updating our property owner / manager database. We need to do this to ensure we reach as many of our property owners and managers as possible this fall, when we will be launching a restructure of our reporting outcomes for our members. This data will only be collected for the purpose of driving our member engagement process and will not be used, distributed or otherwise provided to any third party – with the exception of our partner in the project, Amplify Consulting.

Our project team will be launching our engagement project in early to mid-september. Prior to that time, we may be in touch with you to clarify your information or ask for additional pertinent information.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

If you have ANY questions, please reach out to our Executive Director –, or by phone at 250.376.2411

Property Owner / Manager Database Form
*For commercial property owners to update our owners database for the NSBIA. All information collected will be used exclusively for the purposes of gathering information or discussing key topics of interest to commercial (class 5/6) property owners on Kamloop's North Shore
To allow us to contact you directly.
To validate or reach out on issues directly related to your property **such as social issues, crime, or economic development.
please select which BEST describes you role for the property (ies) you will be identifying in this survey.
identify how many commercial properties you own

Property Information