The Plan

Following almost a year of discussions and facilitated planning sessions, the Kamloops North Shore Business Improvement Association is pleased to announce the release of our first long-term planning document.

The document outlines 5 key areas of focus for projects and improvements across the Shore:

Infrastructure – the physical assets of the area including; Street Lights, Roadways, Crosswalks, Community Safety and Policing, Traffic Calming, Trailways and other upgrades.

Transportation – The way we move people through our neighbourhoods, including traffic flow ideas, Busing or mass transit, Biking and Walking Trails, connections to Downtown, Highways and Arterials.

Commercial Growth – Ideas or methods to build our commercial corridors and offerings to the community, including; Town Centers, Re-Developments (Rebuild), Re-vitalization / Renovation, Zoning or Development Issues, Taxation and Fee Structures, Marketing and Awareness of Area.

Community Building – The way we create more vibrant community including: Recreation facilities, Recreation Facility Access, Artistic Spaces, Multi-Cultural Celebrations and Events.

Common Spaces – Creating inviting and positive spaces where we come together including; Park Spaces, Treescapes, Traffic Calming/Parking, Spatial Planning, Festival Areas, Community Issues

The facilitation process identified 112 unique ideas, that were coalesced into 35 specific project suggestions, and 4 key policy shifts recommendations for the City of Kamloops, to encourage greater community vibrance.

To Download a copy of the report click here: Planning Report