Broken Windows, Broken Dreams

Posted on: April 16, 2019
A few decades ago in New York, a project was started whereby Subway cars were repainted within 24 hours of being tagged with graffiti. the theory was, if you continually repaint the canvas, eventually, the artists will tire of trying to get their tags out there.
The premise is called the broken window philosophy.
Simply put, the quicker we can repair damage such as tagging, broken windows, clean up garbage or otherwise clean and maintain our lots, the less frequently that property will be a target of these actions.
in recent weeks, we have seen a surge in loitering, grafitti tagging, and litter on our streets

As we all continue to work on revitalization of our business corridors, the care, maintenance and repairs of our business frontage will be essential to draw customers to our corridors, to create a sense of safety and security, and to enhance the values of our properties.
When business owners ignore their responsibilities to their buildings and communities, they ignore the importance of each and every business to the long term prosperity of their business areas.
Now that spring has come, snow is melting and debris is being exposed, we ask that you stand in front of your business and examine what you can do to lift it up a bit; clean the outside, pick up any trash or debris, paint over any graffiti or tags, or take a few minutes to simply clean your windows.
Think about the last time you drove down a neighbourhood street, when one property was littered with debris, hedges were uncut, house unpainted; then you drive by that one house where the lawns and hedges are trimmed, the driveway is clean, and the house has been painted. It stands out in a good way. It shows pride; pride of ownership, pride of community, pride in self. Every effort you take to show pride in your property, can echo through our corridors.