Leadership Within – Creating Trust

Trust is an essential component of all workplace relationships. When trust is firmly entrenched,employees feel supported by peers, supervisors, managers and the organization. Trust goes beyond words to actions, reactions and practices. Trust creates a more cohesive, functional and effective team.   A recent survey of nearly 13,000 workers in all job levels and industries […]

Leadership Within – The Ladder of Influence

The other day, my daughter and I were talking about my parenting style. She told me how easy it was to bring issues to me to talk about because I don’t freak out. While I appreciated the sentiment, (I think it means I’m doing ok as a parent), I admitted to her I haven’t always […]

Leadership Within – Trust is Everything

“Trust is an Emotional Response to a logical Framework.” In other words, we can predict, create lose and gain trust. This is quite simply done through the behaviours we exhibit to others or others exhibit to us. Similarly, someone can appear trustworthy to you, when they meet your criteria for feeling the emotion of trust.  […]

Leadership Within – Retaining Employees

What do they need? Employees cite a large number of reasons for leaving their employment, so its equally important to the retention conversation to discuss why your employees may stay. In every workplace across North America, there are both internal and external forces which influence our retention rates for our employees. External factors may include: […]

Leadership Within – Why Employees Leave

Recent surveys and studies have underscored the importance of the leader’s influence over the work unit. In fact, most employees surveyed in these projects cited “disputes with their leaders” as their primary reason for leaving their employment. In many cases these disputes can be attributed to communication-based misinterpretations, although others can be clearly linked to […]

Leadership Within – Seven Qualities of Leaders

Last week, I finished the article with a worksheet to reflect on your leadership. What did you learn? Are you persuasive? Do you think people follow you because they want to? Leadership is not about being the boss, its about being effective. Many times when I’ve spoken with organizational leaders, it’s the Assistant who is […]

Persuasive Leadership

Section One: What is Leadership? The key outcome for any leadership training program should be to deliver the knowledge sills and tools to create the opportunity for you to develop “Personal Influence” Influence is the ability to have others voluntarily follow your ideas, direction or action because they believe you are credible and worthy of […]

Hiring for Success – Part Three

It is not up to you to guess or read between the lines; It is up to the candidate to prove why you should hire them.” Jeremy Heighton   Building on an understanding of the costs of turnover, and considering the composition of a great ad, its time to move to the process of hiring. […]

Hiring for Success – Part One

Many of us that grew up in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, grew up in an era where our parents believed that hard work was the definition of success. My father spent weeks away from home, on the road, as a high level sales rep for an international firm. I would sit in awe listening […]

Hiring for Success – Part Two

Following last week’s newsletter, in which I started the conversation on Hiring for Success, I got a few inquiries regarding how to calculate cost of turnover. Therefore, I thought I would start this week, with a bit more information about that.   While turnover costs can be a complex formula for some organizations, it can […]