Everyone Can Be a Hero

Posted on: August 30, 2021

We are Superheros

The Masked Avenger rockets across the sky, a flame of yellow fury emanating from his heels. In the nick of time, he swoops to the ground, shields the innocent from the villain and stands defiantly to protect the values of justice. At least that is the way that it plays out in comics, movies, folklore.

In real life, a hero is something very different while the underlying principles are the same: kindness, honesty, and fairness. The actions of a real-world hero can be found in the most mundane of circumstances, the greatest of challenges, the simplest of actions, and the grandest of gestures.

In other words: all around us.

In recent months (alright years) we have seen our share of challenges and difficulties; the pandemic, fires, the economic challenge of closures, supply chain issues, and so much more. In addition to those practical challenges, we are seeing the rise of anger and toxicity in our communities (online and otherwise) as we all struggle to gain some control over the uncontrollable.

With all of the challenges and struggles, what does a hero look like in today’s context, to me?

  • A hero is someone who pitches in to save your house, when the neighbourhood is burning,
  • A hero is someone who shows up with a horse trailer, when you are on evacuation to save your animals.
  • A hero is someone who stops when they see a person in crises to see if they need help,
  • A hero is someone who drops off a meal to a neighbour who is grieving to reduce their burden or comfort them,
  • A hero is someone who shows up to serve others, regardless of personal circumstance,
  • A hero is someone who reaches out when another is sick to see how they can help,
  • A hero is one who defends another because it’s the right thing to do,
  • A hero is someone who reaches out when they see someone struggling, with words of encouragement or kindness,
  • A hero is someone who cares for others beyond self and is able to see that together we are all better, stronger and the sum of the whole.

Because real life heroes are the result of the simplest of kindnesses, everyone can be a hero, in their own way.


Jeremy Heighton